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David Nadal's Video & Photo Productions


Documentation of sharks and coral reefs thoughout the world. Hosting and producing celebrity tv interviews & talk shows in the Hamptons. Historical recording of documentaries about Southampton and The East End of Longisland

File Footage:

Sharks & Coral Reefs
Feeding & Swimming with Sharks off Montauk
Shark feeding in The Bahamas and the Carribean
Underwater documentation of ship wrecks in NY, RI,
The Bahamas & The Carribean

Celebrity TV Interviews & Talk Shows

Interview of modern artist Kevin Berlin in Southampton
Produced interview with famed Civil War documentarian Ken Burns" Displaced Divas" Benefits for EEGO

Documentaries in the Hamptons

Southamton Halsey House
Easthampton Horse Show
Breast Cancer Research Fund
20-Years coveringThe  Robert Wilson
Watermill Center
The 1938 Storm
First Place Award for TV Educational Coverage (2003)
"Interview in the Hamptons"
Press Club of Long Island, Media Awards (2003, 2002, 2001, 2000) 




The Hamptons show that exclusively featured the glamorous chic and exciting “Lives of the Rich and Famous,” D.N. PRESENTS takes you on location to the "hippest" social events in the Hampton from the Hampton Classic Horse Show and the Bridgehampton Polo matches to the Southampton cricket games and the DISHES volleyball beach games where famous supermodels participate. There are also lavish food and wine events such as Taste of the Hampton and Taste of summer, gala art openings, Book signings with famous authors,fund-raisers at private homes of Hampton Celebes D.N. PRESENTS also goes on location to New York City events as well as happening winter resorts worldwide frequented by Hamptons' summer regulars.
David Nadal,owner of Blue Lemon TV Studio in Southampton is the producer of DAVID NADAL PRESENTS TV SHOW, which has aired for over 10 years throughout Eastern Long Island. He also produces Caribbean Diving,an underwater show which has appeared on LTV,the East End’s public access station, for ten years. He has documented the underwater worlds of numerous resorts in the Caribbean and the Hamptons. "We also produce half-hour travel features on resorts worldwide” says Nadal.
The aim of the show is to bring home the fun and excitement of the glamorous charity benefits, often held at the homes of celebrities, the art openings, book signing, tennis tourneys, and private parties that occur regularly in this beauteous oceanside stretch of land known as The Hamptons. Viewers feel they are there. The live magazine format features famous actors, musicians, artists, writers, and other talented people who frequent the Hamptons.The personal touch of the show brings you up close to some of the stellar personalities you may already know or hope to meet.

"During our live, on camera interviews with celebrities, we discuss their careers, special projects, and private lives," said David Nadal, who has been producing this show, formerly called"New York Gossip in the Hamptons"for the past nine years in East Hampton. In 1996,Nadal, took the show to Cable  the show  was seen by over 400,000 + households in winter and 600,000 + during summer, from Montauk to Patchogue and throughout the south shore of Connecticut.
The TV team sometimes used a tiny, often quoted as "magical" microphone, engineered by David Nadal, which never ceases to amuse celebrities. Chevy Chase commented, "Hey, if that's a magic wand, I  like it. "Eli Wallach licked it like a lollipop. Katie Couric waved it like a baton. Demi Moore quipped, "What's that little green thing?" Phoebe Snow and Elliot Gould were among the guests who have appeared on PAST shows:
Anthony Hopkins, Pierce Brosnan, Dennis Hopper, Christie Brinkley, Peter Jennings, Angelica Huston, Donald Trump, Marla Maples, Ben Gazzara,Yoko Ono, Calvin and Kelly Klein, Dina Merrill, Rolanda Watts, Danny Glover,Bianca Jagger,Larry and Gwynne Rivers,Roy Lichtenstein, Edward Albee, Kurt Vonnegut, Kathleen Turner, Baldwin bros. Alec and Billy, Marty Richards, Chita Rivera, Joan Lunden, Mariel Hemingway,Armand Assante, Keith Hernandez, Jerry Cooney and others.

DAVID NADAL  has been diving since the 1960's and, has been visiting and exploring  the outer islands of the Bahamas for many years.   For the past 15 years he has  returned to one of the lower islands, building up a system so he could dive the untouched reef wall off this still undeveloped island. When he first arrived here the island was powered solely by generators and necessities of life came by mail boat. 

Fifteen years ago David stayed at the only inn on the island which had a compressor to fill tanks.  A few years later the compressor shed burnt down. Fortunately at that time there was someone in the local settlement with a compressor, tanks, and an extensive knowledge of the reefs off the island.; Dave continued diving with him. His buddy's scuba tanks hadn't been tested so david shipped the tanks by mail boat all the way to Nassau for testing.

Without his own transport for his photographic and diving equipment, David needed  a way to get around on the island. He bought a small scooter.  A few years after that he was given a 9 ft.  Avon boat which had been washed up and found by his friend Al.  Next  dave bought an 8 hp. outboard engine to power his boat so he could get out to the reefs to take his underwater images.  David needed his own compressor ; a steady and reliable source of air for filling his tanks.  That dream came true when he bought an old Bauer compressor from a person on the island. He shipped the compressor to Nassau to have it checked out. No one in Nassau had a clue what to do. Then dave shipped it to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the compressor was rebuilt. Three years later it arrived back on the island. Dave is  learning about the compressor as well ; how to change the filters and fill his tanks safely. 

Through the years Dave has taken many images.  As he has no  diving buddy, and dives alone, he knows this is dangerous and has taken steps to dive safely. He has added a second small pony tank and keeps a kill string attached to his wrist so if he falls out of the boat the string will stop the engine.  He buoys the reef in two places near the island marina so it's easy to get back to safety if the sea and the weather change, as the sea can get very rough.  

His small boat holds the main scuba tank and pony tank, a back pack of his fins, mask, regulator, a weight belt, a main anchor,  rope, and a gas tank to power the boat  and a bucket to hold his special underwater camera for making his underwater art.  This system allows David to go out to any part of the reef at any time when the right light and conditions appear allowing him to capture his special underwater photos.