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DAVID NADAL PRESENTS TV SHOW has aired for over 10 years throughout Eastern Long Island. He also produces Caribbean Diving for the past 10 years - an underwater show which has appeared on LTV, the East End’s public access station.

He has documented the underwater worlds of numerous resorts in the Caribbean and the Hamptons. "We also produce half-hour travel features on resorts worldwide” The aim of the shows is to bring home the fun and excitement of the glamorous charity benefits, often held at the homes of celebrities, the art openings, book signings, tennis tournaments and private parties that occur regularly in this beauteous oceanside stretch of land known as The Hamptons. Viewers feel they are there. The live magazine format features famous actors, musicians, artists, writers, and other talented people who frequent the Hamptons. The show brings you up close to some of the stellar personalities living or frequently visiting the Hamptons..

"During our live, on camera interviews with celebrities, we discuss their careers, special projects, and private lives."  


DAVID NADAL has been diving since the 1960's. Committed to his craft as a diver and underwater photographer, he has been visiting and exploring the outer islands of the Bahamas for many years. For the past 15 years he has returned to one of the lower undeveloped islands, building up a system so he could dive the untouched reef wall. CROOKED  ISLAND
The island was powered solely by generators and all necessities arrived by mail boat. Making himself at home, David stayed at the only inn on the island at the time which had a compressor to fill tanks. He worked with locals who knew the reefs and dove with them. 
Without his own transport for his photographic and diving equipment, he purchased a small scooter and then acquired a 9' Avon boat which had been washed ashore. Adding a small horsepower outboard engine he was able to get out to the reefs
to shoot his underwater images.
Finally he obtained an old Bauer compressor which he had rebuilt in Florida. For solo dives, he has added a second small pony tank and keeps a kill string attached to his wrist so if he falls out of the boat the string will stop the engine. He buoys the reef in two places near the island marina so it's easy to get back to safety if the sea and the weather change.
His small boat holds the main scuba tank and pony tank, a back pack of his fins, mask, regulator, a weight belt, a main anchor,  rope, and a gas tank to power the boat  and a bucket to hold his special underwater camera. This system allows David to go out to any part of the reef at any time when the right light and conditions appear allowing him to capture his special underwater photos.